KCS can provide an equipment deep cleaning service tailored to your requirements from the cleaning of individual items to full kitchen deep cleans without upsetting your working schedule.

Regular appliance cleaning enables your kitchen to continue to run at its full capacity and prevents the possibility of vermin being attracted to your kitchen.

KCS are a fully accredited to TR/19 procedures and have a strict legislation in place to ensure that the regular deep cleaning of commercial catering equipment and canopy cleaning takes place in a highly professional manner.

KCS fully understand the requirements to be met by commercial kitchen hygiene and legal compliance and we will be able to advise you on the type and frequency of deep cleaning your commercial kitchen requires.



Frequency of cleaning
Heavy use 12- 16 hours per day 3 monthly
Moderate use 6- 12 hours per day 6 monthly
Light use 2 -6 hours per day 12 monthly