KCS will help you create the kitchen extraction system that fits both your budget and requirements, giving you the perfect commercial kitchen.

KCS are able to carry out:

- Assistance in the effectiveness and life span of fans
- Bespoke canopy filters - made-to-measure and replacements
- Canopy Function Tests
- Certification Supplied
- Extraction System Deep Cleaning
- Fan upgrades and replacements
- Fresh Air Ventilation Systems
- Gas Interlock Systems installations
- Grease Removal for fire safety
- Health and Safety COSHH awareness
- Post-clean report with photographic documentation
- Speed Controllers supply


Kitchen Canopy & Ducting Cleans are specifically designed to remove airborne grease, heat, smoke, smells and steam that are produced through the busy usage of commercial kitchen.

Air behind surrounding cookers, canopies and ductwork can quickly accumulate grease and dust and if there is an excessive build up it can become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Canopies can also become a fire hazard if exposed to flames from cooking appliances and the ductwork can then carry the fire through to other parts of the building. Canopies are especially more at risk in high ambient conditions and Summer periods.

Insurers insist on regular ductwork and canopy cleaning – with certificates from approved cleaning companies as a condition of your insurance. Regular cleaning ensures that the air in your kitchen is more pure and breathable, further enabling your kitchen to be a safe and healthy place to work in.

KCS are a fully accredited to TR/19 procedures and have a strict legislation in place to ensure that the regular deep cleaning of commercial catering equipment and canopy cleaning takes place in a highly professional manner.

KCS fully understand the requirements to be met by commercial kitchen hygiene and legal compliance and we will be able to advise you on the type and frequency of deep cleaning your commercial kitchen requires.

Frequency of cleaning
Heavy use 12- 16 hours per day 3 monthly
Moderate use 6- 12 hours per day 6 monthly
Light use 2 -6 hours per day 12 monthly