• KCS have the pleasure to announce that we are supporting Pilgrims Hospices by carrying out the yearly Gas Safety Inspections & Preventative Maintenance Services at all their sites free of charge. We will be doing the yearly equipment maintenance service on their three listed sites at Canterbury, Margate and Ashford. KCS would in turn like to thank Pilgrims Hospices for displaying promotional material for our business through various forms of media.


  • KCS wanted to start a sponsorship in the Medway area and thus we now sponsor Medway Rugby Football Club (MRFC). MRFC states: “We are delighted to announce that the club has agreed to a new Corporate Sponsorship deal with Kent Catering Service Ltd. The Company’s Managing Director is a keen rugby fan and we are delighted that he has chosen to build a partnership with us. We welcome KCS to the Medway family and we hope that our members use their unique servicing.”


  • KCS wanted to carry out a sponsorship on the Isle of Sheppey and thus carried out a sponsorship with Minster Cricket Club. Minster Cricket Club states that they have many proud sponsors. Every year they contribute to the success of the club and without the financial help of these sponsors, Minster wouldn't have the great facilities that it boasts today.